Using specialized machinery, large reels of paper are printed using polymer plates (originally rubber), which are slightly 'flexible' trimmed, folded and converted into envelopes.

Flexographic (Litho) Printed Envelopes


  • Cost effective for high volumes

  • Alternative sizes, window positions & sizes can be produced at time of print

  • Quality is adequate for basic one and two colour print

Taking ready made envelopes 'off the shelf' and 'over' printing them.

Lithographic (Litho) Overprinted Envelopes

Taking ready made envelopes 'off the shelf' and printing it by running it through a specially designed 4 colour digital printing press via specially designed envelope feeder.

Digital Overprinted Envelopes


  • Quick turnaround

  • Cost effective for smaller volumes

  • Can print 4 colour CMYK images


  • Turnaround times can be lengthy

  • 4 Colour images are not suitable printed flexo

  • Small volumes usually not cost effective

  • Print quality is not that of Litho

  • Plates are considerably more expensive


  • Colour is not that of Litho

  • Pantone colours may differ to that of litho

  • Creasing can occur due to trapped air in envelope as it passes through machine

  • If fuser settings are incorrect, smudging may occur

Lithographic (Litho) Overprinted Envelopes